What if you kidnapped Pete Townsend, Iggy Pop and Otis Redding, put them in a small cabin, force fed them cheap beer and greasy food, and – under the supervision of Josh Homme – made them solve ”The great rock’n’roll riddle”?

You might have come up with something similar to the diverse, yet straight-forward, soundscapes of Black Belt.


Big fuzzy guitars, fat ass bass, rolling drums, dirty denim, sweet soul and tons of swagger. With one foot running the working class meanstreets of the sixties, the other foot placed firmly in the black soil of the south, Black Belt proove that it’s still possible to create a stir by rolling that old rock in yet another direction. The band both roars and crumbles, whispers and cuddles – although never looses trace of the chorus-driven nerve that made them a name in the first place.




Andreas Avelin - drums

Joen Carlstedt - guitar, bass, vocals

Martin Eriksson - vocals, guitar, bass